Manage maintenance faster & easier than ever before.

Onsite HQ utilizes distributed ledger technology to reduce time, eliminate mistakes & create accountability by providing verified and traceable building life safety maintenance records.

We are reducing the process time and raising the safety standard for verifying building life safety from weeks to hours, whilst eliminating the chance of errors in reporting.

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    Simply add your building information into Onsite HQ.

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    Add a task & Assign

    Create a task and for a piece of equipment and assign to a contractor or employee.

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    Scan the QR code to access maintenance logs even when you have no cell reception.

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    Carryout your maintenance and submit your findings or send custom reports to your tenants or property managers.

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Allows you to see the big picture and where you need to allocate resources and capital.

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What do You save ?

A customer satisfaction survey was carried out that sampled 558 companies who were using a maintenance management software package, the findings reported that the use of a maintenance management system could significantly reduce a company’s maintenance costs by the following:

reduction in equipment downtime

reduction in materials costs

increase in productivity

reduction in inventory costs

increase in accuracy inputting data versus paper input.

increase in oversight

Our testimonials

I enjoy using this app instead of the paper version as it allows me to store all the files in one place and share them with my property manager.

Fito Garcia
Building Engineer

Very intuitive and easy to use, Onsite HQ has saved lots of time and reduced the inefficiencies of using paper log books. I can schedule and manage my maintenance team more efficiently than our old system.

James Flores
Maintenance Superintendent

I know that my building maintenance is getting completed on time and I have one system I can login to check all my buildings.

Sergey Budlov
Operations Manager